Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge

Terms and Conditions


  1. 1.Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge is promoted by Sustrans Ltd [Registered Charity No. 326550 (England and Wales) SCO39263 (Scotland)] (The promoters).
  2. 2.The competition runs between 31st March and 11th April 2014.
  3. 3.Any enquiry concerning this scheme should be sent to: Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge, Sustrans, 2 Cathedral Square, College Green, Bristol. BS1 5DD.
  4. 4.The organisers reserve the right to cancel this scheme at any stage, if deemed necessary, or if circumstances arise out of its control.


  1. 5. Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge is open to all schools in Northern Ireland. NB A Inst Ref number is required to complete registration and enable schools to participate.
  2. 6. The competition opens at 06.00 on the 31st March 2014 and closes at 2pm on 12th April 2014. Journeys made before the start time or after the closing time will not count towards the competition.
  3. 7. Schools have the option of participating in the whole two-week competition or on one or more of the two challenge days taking place on Wednesday 2nd April and Friday 11th April.
  4. 8. For SEN schools that have pupils who are unable to cycle to school, the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge has an open single challenge day on Wednesday 2nd April specifically for these schools. To compete in this stage these schools may use school pool bikes and static bikes counting journeys made at school rather than to school if appropriate. It is up to the discretion of school staff to decide what constitutes one pupil journey taking into account pupil ability.
  5. 9. If an SEN school’s pupils are able to cycle, walk or, walk or scoot to school, then they may choose to enter the entire two-week competition OR any or both of the two challenge days (T&C point 7). In this instance the school will compete under the terms and conditions relating to primary or secondary school status. In this instance only journeys made to school by bike, scooter or on foot can be recorded.
  6. 10. When registering, schools are required to enter a figure for the entire school roll, not just the class or year that is taking part.
  7. 11. To gain the maximum time benefits from journeys made by bicycle and scooter, all schools are required to enter their results on the Sustrans Giro Challenge website on a daily basis. To gain maximum value schools have until 2pm on the day following each stage to input their results for that corresponding stage. Schools not entering any results, or those who enter them after the deadline, will be classed as late finishers for that day and receive points accordingly. This will place all schools entering data after the deadline at the bottom of the leaders table for that particular stage.
  8. 12. Late entry of daily results Any results entered after the 2pm deadline will not count towards the corresponding day’s result, hence your daily points total for that day will remain the same for the duration of the competition. However schools do have the opportunity to enter their ‘late’ results after the daily 2pm deadline to gain additional point credits which will go towards their overall race points. Entering all your ‘late’ results will ensure the journeys made by your school are recognised. These credits could improve your overall standing in the final Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge results.
  9. 13. All journey details entered late will not be awarded the full journey values but will be awarded a lower level of 15% per all journeys made. (NB this is not applicable to schools taking part in the daily stages).
  10. 14. Schools taking part in only one or more of the two special challenge days, or the SEN day, will have until 2pm of the day following that stage to enter their results. Any results entered after this time will not be counted and there will be no opportunity to gain point credits for daily stage participants. This applies to each individual stage they are entered [Applies to challenge days: 2nd and 11th April, SEN day 2nd April].
  11. 15. Once daily results have been submitted to the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge website schools will be unable to edit these results once the 2pm deadline for the corresponding day has passed. NB late results may still be entered after this time provided no previous data has been entered into the relevant fields.
  12. 16. The promoters are not responsible for misuse of any prize, or claims, liability, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with this scheme. The promoters have no knowledge of local conditions and it may be that as a result of those conditions, including but not limited to weather conditions, construction projects, closures or other events, routes used are not safe. Any schools, by registering to participate in Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge, accept that it or its representatives must exercise judgment in their activities which result from that registration and are responsible for decisions affecting the safety of pupils and other participants.
  13. 17. Once schools have completed their online Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge registration, they are automatically assigned one of three categories to compete in: small primaries [150 pupils and under], large primaries [over 150 pupils] and secondary schools. This is based on information entered by the school at registration. Schools are advised to check all their details on the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge website prior to the start of the competition. If any information is incorrect, they should contact the competition organisers ( to amend the details prior to the competition start date. Once the competition has begun it will not be possible to amend the information given at registration. Incorrect details may lead to allocation of the wrong category and a school not being eligible to claim any prizes.
  14. 18. Any schools with less than 25 pupils will automatically be assigned a school roll count of 25. This is the minimum school roll count allowed to be registered as part of Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge. Schools with smaller roll counts may still enter the race but should be aware of this point.


  1. 19. The promoters will aim to publish updated daily results on the website by 3pm each day, reflecting the previous days results.
  2. 20. Once the results for each day have been published they will be final.
  3. 21. The overall winning schools and final positions will be confirmed by midnight of 25 April 2013. Details of the winning schools will be published on the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge website. These will be the official and final race positions as determined by the promoters.
  4. 22. The promoters will determine the winners of the prizes and final positions in accordance with their performance during the overall competition and on the two challenge days. All such decisions will be final and binding.
  5. 23. The overall winning school will be the school that completes all ten days with the most points, based on the data entered by the school.
  6. 24. For the purpose of calculating the points the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge has a special formula which requires journey data from each school to be entered daily. The more pupil journeys made to school by bike, scooter or on foot, the more points the school will gain.
  7. 25. The challenge day winners will be the school that completes their respective challenge day with the most points on each of the following days: Wednesday 2nd April and Friday 11th April, based on data entered by the school.


  1. 26. By uploading photos to the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge website, schools give permission for the photos to be used by Sustrans. They also agree that they have the right to upload photos and that they have parental consent (where appropriate) for the pupils featured. Copyright of the photograph(s) remain with the photographer.
  2. 27. Data protection: By registering for the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge, you agree for Sustrans to process all information disclosed on the registration form, for the purpose of administering the Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge. If you have ticked ‘Yes’ to receiving the Sustrans monthly schools e-news you agree that Sustrans may send you the Sustrans monthly e-news/other Sustrans bulletins by email. All personal information received will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will not be shared with third parties without your consent, or as required by law.
  3. 28. By taking part in the promotion, the prize winner confirms their agreement to take part, and allow the use of their school’s name, in such associated publicity as the promoter may reasonably request.
  4. 29. Please read our separate Privacy Policy and information about use of cookies.

Prizes and Allocation

  1. 30. Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge is designed to be a fun challenge to help your school promote cycling and scooting to school. To reflect this, prize allocation is designed to allow as many schools as we can to win prizes for their pupils efforts around the UK.
  2. 31. Only schools registered for the whole two-week challenge will be eligible to win the overall prizes in each category.
  3. 32. Schools registered for any one or all of the two daily challenges will be in competition with ALL Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge competing schools for the prize available on each of those days.
  4. 33. There will be an additional prize available for the winning Special Educational Needs school on Wednesday 2nd April. Only SEN schools registered for this stage will be eligible for the prize.
  5. 34. Schools are eligible to win only one prize each. In the event of any one school winning more than one category, prizes will be allocated to the highest ranked school that has not yet been awarded a prize in the competition. For example, if any one school wins more than one of the daily challenges, the next highest ranked school that has not yet won a prize will be awarded the prize for that daily challenge.
  6. 35.Prizes available are:

    Prizes for each category are To be Confirmed.

    • Categories for prizes will be:
    • Cycle School Overall, (Small Primary, Large Primary and Post Primary)
    • Active Travel School Overall, (Small Primary, Large Primary and Post Primary)
    • Cycle School Challenge day 1, (Small Primary, Large Primary and Post Primary)
    • Cycle School Challenge day 2, (Small Primary, Large Primary and Post Primary)
    • Active Travel School Challenge day 1, (Small Primary, Large Primary and Post Primary)
    • Active Travel School Challenge day 2, (Small Primary, Large Primary and Post Primary)
    • SEN School
  7. 36. In the event of a tie for positions in any category the prize will be awarded to the school with the highest percentage.
  8. 37. Prize winners must claim ownership of their prize within 30 days of written notice from the organisers. In the event that this period is exceeded the organisers reserve the right not to award a prize.
  9. 38. The promoters will put the prize winning schools in touch with the relevant prize provider in order to arrange delivery and collection of the prize, where applicable.
  10. 39. If a prize winner decides not to accept any prize, they must notify the promoters of such decision in writing and will, with effect from the date of such notice, forfeit any and all claim to the prize. No alternative prize will be awarded. The promoters reserve the right to deal with the prize declined in such manner as they see fit.
  11. 40. The promoters may substitute any prize that is awarded as part of this scheme with ones of equal or greater value as they, in their sole discretion, may determine.
  12. 41. Prizes are not transferable and may not be redeemed for cash.