Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge

How It Works

Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge is an inter-school scooting, cycling and walking competition that allows all schools in Northern Ireland to take part in a Giro d’Italia race of their own. This is a great way for pupils to find out about the Giro d’Italia and to learn about the benefits of travelling actively to school.

The Challenge takes place on 10 school days between 31 March and 11 April 2014. The winners will be announced in the week leading up to the Giro d’Italia which is happening from 9 May to 1 June 2014.

Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge works just like the Giro d’Italia – each day of the race is a new stage following the route of the Giro race. Schools encourage pupils to cycle, scoot and walk to school each day and the more active journeys they make, the more points the school will earn. The competition is weighted according to the size of the school, so everyone has a fair chance to win.

Sustrans Giro School Challenge is supported by an interactive website that allows schools to log in daily and record their results. All results are then published the following day on the website and schools can track how they and other schools are doing throughout the race.

We have some fantastic prizes and there are lots of chances to win. Prizes include a BMX display session from T13, cycle and scooter parking pods, and Dr Bike sessions. Schools are divided into three categories: small primaries (150 pupils and under), large primaries (over 150 pupils), and post-primary schools. In each category there will be a winning school with the most journeys by foot, bike or scooter, and a winning school with the most cycle journeys as well as other prizes over the 10 days of the Challenge. This means there are lots of opportunities for all sizes of school to win prizes and do well.

All schools that register for Sustrans Giro Schools Challenge will receive a promotional pack, including posters and a wall chart illustrating the various stages of the virtual race. Schools will also receive support and encouragement from Sustrans officers throughout the challenge.

How does the competition work?

We have three categories for schools:

This means there are lots of opportunities for all sizes of school to win prizes and do well. Every school will also get a personalised certificate recording their achievements.

Schools can also run their own competitions between their individual classes. Results are recorded per class and when schools log in to the website, they can access information about which classes have performed best at each stage

SEN and challenge days

Most schools take part in the whole two-week challenge, but schools can also just enter either or both of two challenge days on Wednesday 2 April and Friday 11 April. Wednesday 2 April is also a specific challenge day for SEN schools.